Anticapitalist May Day

Multiple banners displaying solidarity with migrants and against borders!

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Apatrides anonymes official release :

Montreal, April 29th 2016 - Only a few days preceding the anticapitalist mayday demo that is organized under the theme "Against Imperialism, Racism, Borders and Colonialism," the Apatrides Anonymes and their friends and supporters orchestrated multiple bannerdrops in different neighborhoods in Montreal: Pointe St-Charles, Petite Patrie, Plateau Mont-Royal and Rosemont.

With this action, we want to denounce Canadian immigration policies. Aside from the special program we've seen during the past months welcoming a few thousand Syrian refugees, Canada continues to be restrictive, repressive and racist toward migrants, particularly closing the borders to asylum seekers, who are amongst the most vulnerable immigrants, over the last fifteen years.

We want to show our opposition to global capitalism. Through wars, land appropriation and environmental pillaging, global capitalism allows rich states and corporations to exploit resources and populations in the global South, as well as here, exploiting the dispossessed and displaced workers who seek refuge in the north. Often those who are not accepted as refugees become even more precarious and exploited undocumented migrants.

The fear of terrorism is used to further divide resistance, reviving xenophobia towards one part of the population, diverting the legitimate anger against the political and economic situation towards «the immigrant».

This needs to stop immediately! From around the world we must unite against the capitalist and racist order. Against these attacks, we must respond with solidarity!

Status for All!


We were very moved by the latest Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) recruitment videos.

Packed with suspense, drama, and action, with the production value of an episode of 24, they make it seem like our cities are fuller of danger and intrigue than we ever could have imagined.

All joking aside, we've made some «improvements» to CSIS's dime-store Jack Bauer rip-offs in the hopes of undermining some of the drama in their latest security propaganda. So whether you're Anglo or Franco, we suggest you shut off any bilingualism you might possess and just read our excellent subtitling for a more exciting, less terrifying experience.
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  • Download

  • Original French version with English subtitles

  • Previous CSIS recruitment video hijacking hijinks (in French only)

  • CSIS's budget, unlike ours, has obviously grown exponentially since then!

    Stephen Harper and the CP: the worstest racist scumbag of Québec and Canada!!

    The Racist Scumbags Gala of the Apatrides anonymes has been held on November 18th 2010, at the chic Katacombes with a resounding success.

    Upon arrival onto the Katacombes' red carpet, the spectators were besieged by the pressing questions of a cheeky interviewer/presenter and sinister-looking bully. The whole was broadcasted live inside for the greatest viewing pleasure of the punctual ones.

    The MCs for the night, Natacha and Aaron, were literally on fire, punctuating the night with the dry, but oh-so-pertinent, humour of their skits.

    One of the unforgettable moments of the night (among many others), was definitely the World Premiere of the special racist quiz "All Against Them", moderated by the sparkling Francine Ready. Facing each other in this battle for the prize of the Best Antiracist Group in Montreal: Rash (Red Anarchist Skinheads) and ARA (Antiracist Action). And Rash won this contest hands down.

    However, the main reason for people to gather in such large numbers, was definitely to witness the outcome of the vote for the ten worst racist of Québec and Canada. Let's remind everyone that this popular vote took place over the span of six months and that more than 150 individuals took part in the survey. Here are the final results, starting from the bottom. Next to each winner is their impersonator or presenter for the time of the Gala :

    10th place: Canadian Border Services Agency (René d'Aoust, impersonated by a member of the Apatrides anonymes)
    9th place: Lawrence Cannon (Project Fly Home)
    8th place: Trash Radio (Musironie)
    7th place: Richard Martineau and the Journal de Montréal (Marc-André Cyr)
    6th place: Canadian Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs (Clifton Nicholas)
    5th place: Fraternité des policiers de Montréal (COBP)
    4th place: Jason Kenney (Solidarity Accross Borders)
    3rd place: Service de police de la ville de Montréal (Montréal-Nord Républik)
    2nd place: CSIS and the RCMP (parody of a recruitment video)
    1st place: Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada (PolitiQ)

    To watch the pictures of the Gala, just click here.

    The evening ended on a high note with a frenzied performance by Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble. Stay on the lookout in the following weeks since the Apatrides anonymes are preparing a video of the best moments of the night. Keep an eye on our website to make sure you don't miss out on anything!

    Racist Scumbags Campaign

    Apatrides anonymes has long denounced security laws and paranoid immigration policies which oppress migrants and often separate families and shatter dreams of reconstructing one's life. this is the reason we are launching a campaign to expose the voices and faces of racism in Quebec and Canada. Those who, by their hatred and words, feed prejudice and fear of the other.

    Our aim is to decry and denounce people and institutions whose vicious actions, writings and talk ooze with a latent racism that is already far too widespread and that is largely accepted by much of the population.

    Be sure to read our pamphlet, "The Top 10 Worst Racists" of Quebec and Canada